Taking Care of your Bike


motorcycle_maintenanceI’m not sure about you, but I have been on a motorcycle only once before but had a great time. That being said, although I personally don’t own a motorcycle, I’m sure there are some tips for how to take care of your bike. According to the American Motorcyclist Association there are a few things you can do to take care of your bike and keep it running well for a long time. First, although this might seem obvious, follow the recommendations as set forth in your manuals that came with your bike. Although you may think you know everything, let’s face it, the manufacturer probably knows their stuff. The owner’s manual will advise you as the rider of important maintenance to keep in mind such as oil type, different maintenance procedures and an advised schedule for completing them, and also service procedures just to name a few. If you want to do a lot of the servicing yourself, you may consider purchasing a full on service manual that typically cost about $75 or so. Second, in order to take care of your bike you want to make sure you properly break it in. As I’m sure you can imagine the first few hundred miles you put on the bike are the most crucial. You can get instructions on how to break it in right with things such as appropriate oil to use, and how fast to go at first in your owner manual. A third thing to keep in mind when taking good care of your bike is to keep in mind quality. Yes it is popular to purchase all sorts of parts to trick out your ride. However, when looking for parts you want to make sure the quality is good. Don’t go for the cheap stuff. You want parts that are made with the same good quality of workmanship that your bike was built with. The last tip for taking care of your bike is to do periodic checks before you ride it. Just like a pilot goes through an extensive pre-flight check list so can you as a rider. Some things to always check are the levels of the motor and transmission oil, tire air pressure, brake fluid leaks, bolt tightness, and all the electrical switches and controls. Safety when riding a motorcycle is huge so that you can prevent accidents. If you find yourself in an accident, you might consider calling  motorcycle accident attorneys to help you. They specialize in motorcycle accidents so their first priority is you as the rider and they have experience so you can feel confident that they know their stuff. When you call, plan on explaining exactly what happened and their team will review your case. Keep in mind that there are strict laws governing filing in the event of a motorcycle accident so act quickly. Also, keep in mind that these attorneys won’t charge any sort of fee until they have recovered money for you.

How To Make Running Shoes Last Longer


img_3256Running is special and different from a lot of other forms of exercise. Running is, in theory, for all people. It doesn’t require any fancy or expensive equipment, machinery, or gym membership. It requires little preemptive training or instruction. It’s instinctively human. Most everyone can walk. And running is, truly, nothing more that really involved walking. For as long as people have been doing it recreationally, running has been championed by many as one of the most accessible forms of physical activity.

But in the last decade or so, the sports apparel industry has managed to make a multi-billion dollar industry out of that only required accessory to running: shoes. Running shoes are now infinitely varied, dauntingly specific, and way more expensive than they once were with new styles like minimalist running shoes.

Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to make their running shoes last longer. Here are some things you can do to that will help.

Store them properly.

Your shoes should be stored somewhere cool and absolutely dry. Exposing your shoes to extreme heat dries out leather and causes rubber to lose its rigidity. Running on shoes that have been just recently exposed to extreme heat can permanently ruin alter the sole’s structure.

Dry them out between use.

Over time, running shoes will gradually become less rigid in their shape (especially the upper body). Running with shoes that haven’t completely dried dramatically speeds up this process by making the fabrics more malleable. They’re then prone to becoming quickly and extremely misshapen.

Wear them only for exercising.

Running shoes should be treated like one does ski boots or roller skates. You wouldn’t wear those out to the grocery store, or for a night out on the town. So why would you wear running shoes for anything else but running? When you wear your running shoes around, you’re bringing them close to eventual retirement a lot faster than if you don’t.

Don’t put them through the washer and dryer.

Washing and drying your shoes violates a whole slew of previously stated rules. If it wouldn’t be good for their longevity to go for a run when your shoes are a little damp, why let them tumble around in metal barrel for an hour when they’re completely soaked? And if it wouldn’t be good to expose them to intense heat in other ways, again, why let them jostle about a 250-degree metal barrel for an hour? Washing and drying your running shoes is a recipe for near-instant ruination. Instead, spray your kicks with cold water and gently brush the dirt off with a cloth or paper towel.

While there’s nothing wrong with trying to save a little money on shoes each year, it’s important that you’re honest with yourself about that state your shoes are in. Running on worn-out shoes can have dangerous long-term health consequences. No amount of money saved is worth being permanently injured, or reducing the amount of years you’ll be able to run healthily.

Hurt in an Auto Accident? Here is What to Do

a car accident in the snow

a car accident in the snowIf you are in a car accident, remember to remain calm. It’s hard to do that in the moment; you have other things on your mind. You can be injured, and everything you thought was important doesn’t matter anymore. Read more about it below.

Call 911
Get your mobile phone and call 911. Don’t attempt to move out of the car, and don’t attempt to take glass or shrapnel out of your body. Anyone that has OnStar or a similar product in their car can call 911 for you. If you don’t have a phone or if it isn’t charged, let someone know to call 911.

Go to a Hospital
Some people can drive themselves to the hospital; others need assistance from an ambulance. It’s vital that a hospital checkup is done as soon as possible. Tell the doctors what happened and let them determine if the accident caused your injury. Delaying medical treatment hurts your chances of compensation. It shows that you weren’t badly injured (or that you weren’t injured at all).

Talk to the Important People
The only people that matter in a car accident are the police and insurance companies. The police will talk to both drivers and see which one is at fault. State your case from beginning to end. File an accident claim at the police station (or the officer can do it for you). Never admit that it was your fault. It can turn out that it isn’t your fault. Leaving the scene of a crime makes you look guilty, so prove that it wasn’t by staying and talking to police.

The insurance company is going to find out anyway, so inform them that you were in a car accident. This will give them a heads-up to prepare for your defense and to calculate how much to pay for medical bills.

Talking to witnesses is a waste of time ONLY if you tell them your side of the story. When the police talks to witnesses they can hurt your case by repeating things you say instead of what they saw. Turn the tables and talk to them about what they saw. Write it down or have someone write it for you. Finally never give a written statement to anyone–not even police or insurance companies. This is actually a binding agreement that everything you said is true—even if you forget details in the statement.

Gather Evidence
Use that mobile phone to take pictures. Take pictures of the car, the other car or cars involved in the accident, anything out of place and more. Write down everything you remember in a journal. Get as detailed as possible. Obtain police reports and gather witnesses’ statements to make your case.


You may love or hate LeBron  James but he did not deserve to have beer thrown on him. I hate fans (actually they shouldn’t be considered fans at all because they are classless idiots) like this. Grow up. Your team lost. In fact got destroyed single player. If I was a Celtics fan I would be upset and disgraced, and had I’d seen that person I would have loved to confront him. That person does not deserve to be allowed into any stadium. He can watch games from his home and throw beer all over himself.



Local High School Sports – Better Than College/Pro Or Not?

high school

high schoolThe number of sports that people near Salt Lake City can choose to watch vary from professional and college to Utah high school sports.  Whether local high school sports are better than college or pro sports depends on several factors and is highly personal.

The biggest factor is connection.  Sports fans are typically rabid and connected either to a team or a player.  It is this connection that drives fans to become devoted to a sport and a team.  Connections can come from family activities – my dad took me to see the Jazz when I was nine since then they have been my team.  They can come from meeting players or knowing someone on the team – My son plays for West High School.  They can come from experience with the organization – That’s my alma mater!

Without a connection to the sport or the team, nothing else will matter.  However, there are other factors that may make a sport more or less attractive to the average fan.  Atmosphere is a huge part of sporting events.  If over produced intros with pyrotechnics are not a fans thing, they may avoid professional sports and stick with high school.  Fans who want to support players who play for the love of the game will also support high school sports and maybe some college sports.  People who are negatively affected by millionaires crying about playing time, money issues or the refs might find high school sports refreshing.

The audience at all levels can be a factor in deciding which is better.  High school parents can be a bit much to take, especially when they are shouting obscenities at the referees or umpires.  Those parents who are trying to relive their glory days through their children are also problematic.  Watching them can be entertaining only if the fans can separate themselves from the lack of logic behind the parents actions.

High school does offer the opportunity to see athletes who are honing their skills in the sport.  There is little that is more satisfying than seeing someone progress in anything over the course of several games.  While this should be happening at all levels, many professionals look like they are loafing through the season only to pick it up in the playoffs, and some college players are looking forward to the big payday that awaits them after their freshman years.

Trying to decide whether Utah high school sports are better than professional or college sports is a bit unfair.  College and professional sports usually have more resources to create a better product around the sport, but at least at the high school level, fans can see kids that will improve throughout their career, and when they win, it will be that much sweeter.

Tips for Becoming a True Sports Fan


Being a true sports fan is kind of like taking a ride in an elevator—there are very clear and binding rules for how you conduct yourself, even if the rules aren’t posted anywhere. And should you unknowingly violate one, you’ll definitely know by the blanket of awkwardness that suddenly descends upon everyone. If you’re just getting into sports but you’re committed to stay in it for the long haul, you’ll need to know a few rules about how you can best show your team spirit. After all—you wouldn’t want to get thrown out of the elevator, would you?

Car upholstery for sports fansOne of the first things to think about when you’re approaching true sports fandom is allegiance. We regard people who defect to other countries or fight against their own nations as traitors, and the same is true with sports. If you’ve already chosen a team, you’ve got to stick with it. Choosing a team is not something you would do as casually as picking a sandwich at Subway. In other words, you can’t say “Well, I’m not really in a Cubs mood anymore—I think I’ll try the Yankees this year.” It’s ‘til death do you part. In like manner, you shouldn’t switch teams just because your favorite player got traded or because you married into a family that supports a different team. And switching teams because of poor performance is the ultimate low, by the way. Good people support their teams until the bitter end.

Let’s talk gear for a moment. Decking out your house in all your team’s paraphernalia is a great idea, as long as your flagrant support doesn’t cause any discord at home. But if you’re lucky enough, it’s a great idea to create a room dedicated to worshipping at the holy shrine of your team’s glory. Throw pillows, mugs, blankets, framed jerseys, and area rugs all show your friends that you’re serious enough about your team to splatter their colors all over your house.

And bringing your team’s colors with you wherever you go isn’t a bad idea, either. To be clear though, it’s probably not a good idea to wear your Steeler’s tie to an important meeting with a client. But picture this: you’re just wrapping up a day of work, the sun is shining, Sports fans Houseand you jog into the parking lot where your silver BMW Z3 is waiting. You jump inside, jab a button, and the BMW Z3 convertible top retracts. There you are—surrounded by custom-made upholstery or leather, proudly dyed to match your team’s colors. Add your custom license plate to show your true devotion it’ll be clear that you’re no garden-variety fan. You’re a fan that teams long to have.

A quick word about actively rooting against your team of choice: this is only permissible in the event that a leading player, owner, or coach has acted out against fans in a way that is so unconscionable or egregious that supporters cannot help but feel hurt and betrayed. If such a scenario is the case, then “boo” away.

But perhaps the best tip you can follow in your quest to become a true sports fan is to do as the Romans do—if your friends and family root for the same team you do, don’t do anything that elicits blank stares from them. Follow this advice and your road to true sports fandom should be a smooth one.